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Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Makeover Dentist Colmar PADon’t Hide Your Smile – Remake It!

What have you done with your smile? Wouldn’t you like to get it back? You truly deserve a smile of which you can be proud. Here at Park Dental of Colmar, we use the optimum combination of preventive care, tooth-colored fillings, and restorative techniques for both amazing dental health and aesthetic appeal. Smile makeovers can be created faster than you think and are extremely affordable! Don’t delay any longer to have a smile that makes YOU happy! Contact our office so we may explain all the wonderful details about bonding, whitening, crowns, and veneers.

Teeth Whitening – Dazzling Results!

To achieve sparkling white teeth, a professionally supervised process is required – but the procedure is simpler than most people realize. Dr. Park offers custom whitening trays, made in his own lab. During your initial whitening visit, you receive supplies and instructions to complete this safe and effective procedure at home. Results become visible within 1 - 14 days.

Secure Fitting Dentures Colmar PATired of Poorly Fitting Dentures?

At Park Dental of Colmar, we know how loose dentures can drive you crazy. Don’t worry! We have a solution. Dr. Park can design and fit natural-looking dentures that won’t slip! Modern techniques permit the secure fit of your denture plate in such a way that you can rest easy about eating and talking. If you’re a denture wearer, be sure to ask us how we can make your life so much more comfortable.

A Crown Restores a Damaged Tooth

Dr. Park can rescue a tooth that has been broken or worn down to a point where a basic filling won’t bring it back to full functionality. By installing a crown, he can save and add substance to your damaged tooth. In addition, the top-of-the-line composite materials he uses to create your crown will appear so natural, you’ll have difficulty distinguishing it from a real tooth.

Teeth Whitening Dentist Colmar PA‘Smile Makeovers’ in Only Two Visits!

If you have badly shaped teeth, wide gaps, or odd staining, our porcelain veneers may make it possible for you to obtain an amazing smile. Veneers are made from very thin, durable sheets of the most advanced dental ceramic available. They are affixed to your natural teeth in a way that makes them seem straight and uniform, as if they’ve had years of orthodontic work. Dr. Park can use also use veneers to conceal chipped, cracked, or worn teeth. And because the veneer is made to match the color of your surrounding teeth, they look totally natural.

An Affordable Alternative for Multiple Missing Teeth

If you have multiple missing teeth, creating a void in your mouth, a bridge may be the right solution for you. Custom created from the same superior composite materials, a bridge is fastened on both sides of your gap with crowns, restoring the function, comfort, and fullness of your smile to your mouth.

Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling (215) 716-7228, and discover how cosmetic solutions and teeth whitening can give you a brilliant new smile!

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